Have you been following me or someone else on social media, and are you thinking to yourself; “I want to do it too.. but I’m afraid and don’t know how”. In this guide, I’ll give you 10 tips to make sure you are

First: a plan!

If you are reading this post because you want to travel the world but have no idea how to start, you probably kinda already know where you want to go to. If not: make one! Watch YouTube video’s, read blogs, get yourself some travel magazines and start looking up things you want to see! If it is your first time backpacking; don’t pick a hard destination. And by that I mean; don’t make places like Kyrgistan (or Beijing like I did..) your starting point. South East Asia for example is very easy to travel around and there are plenty of other backpackers. If you know here you want to go to, its time for step 2.

Pick a date

If you have a shitload of money on your bank account and you could leave today if you have to; you can pick a date a bit closer. If you still need time to save up money; pick a date in 6 – 11 months (or however much time you need to save enough money). This doesn’t have to be an exact date yet, just a “somewhere between 2 – 20 November” is enough for now.

Social proof

The most important one. When you’ve decided where you want to go to and when; tell everyone about it. Every-one. People would make fun of you if you tell them about your plans and then you decide to chicken out and never do it. It helps you to push yourself to actually do it, instead of forever dreaming.

Time to sit down and book the flight

I prefer one-way tickets when I’m traveling. It doesn’t matter if I go for 3 weeks or a couple of months. You are just more freely in your plans. You are free to change your itineray along the way, and change plans. Also, you don’t get the problem of being stuck in a place for a longer time when you’ve already seen it all or having to rush and skip a lot of places because you’re short of time.

Some airlines have the possibility to change the return date on the tickets, but you aren’t able to change airports. If your original flight is from Bangkok, but you changed plans and are in India; you need to go back to Bangkok and fly home from there OR cancel the ticket (loose money) and fly home from India (which would be more convenient.

If you have an exact date to get home to, or are more relaxed about the thought you’ve booked your flight home already; just book a return ticket. In most cases it’s also cheaper than 2 one-way tickets.

If you are afraid to book it; I get the feeling, just hit that confirmation button and pay. Don’t try to overthink. Most airlines let you cancel the flights within the first day 24 hours for free, so if you are freaking out you could cancel. But we aren’t going to that that, you got this!

Go and stress out

Just kidding. Congrats! There is no way back now. You’ve told everyone about it and booked the tickets. AAAH! Now the real fun starts! Planning your itinerary.

Buy the right travel gear


When the day of your first-ever trip is approathing, it’s normal to get more and more nervous everyday. It’s just something you have to push yourself through.

If you are curious about my first time backpacking trip you can read about it here.

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