Photo presets

You know the struggle. You’re spending LOTS of time trying to make beautiful pictures, and they turn out to be… ugly AF.  Photos are wayyy too dark, too light or the photo has just a real yellow undertone.

Well, my sweet globetrotters, there is a solution to all of your problems. Well, maybe not all – but for ugly looking photo’s there is!

That makes dark, rainy photo’s like this one:

..look like this in just ONE CLICK! :

I transformed this picture of me in Oradea, Romania from a picture you would definetly delete normally, into an actual Instagram-worthy pic. YAYY!  There is a possibility to edit the photo’s even more after applying the preset, but I wanted to show you what the preset already does in just one click. Not bad, right!? I used the Dreamy Rose preset from OneClickFilter on this picture, but all of their presets are AMAZING. 

By clicking on the photo you will be transferred to the website from