Some people love it, others hate it: Batumi. Located in the south-western part of Georgia next to the Black Sea lies the futuristic city Batumi. The city is currently under huge reconstruction and expanding rapidly. Many world leading hotel-chains are building huge hotels throughout the city. When you ask fellow backpackers about Batumi; you’ll get very mixed reviews about this -somehow weird- place that just doesn’t match with the rest of Georgia. So, is it worth going?

“Batumi is not Georgia”

One big argument that is used by people who don’t like it and tell you it is not worth visiting it, is that they feel Batumi is not Georgia and it’s fake. I agree and disagree with this one. Batumi doesn’t feel and look like the rest of Georgia, BUT I found every city in Georgia to be completely different from each other and that is one of the many powers of Georgia. My favorite thing about Georgia is the huge contrast and difference between cities. Batumi looks a bit like Central Asia in some ways.

Mountains everywhere

Even tho the city itself is completely flat, it is surrounded by mountains. Imagine laying on the beach, sunbathing, while looking at snow-peaked mountains on the other side of the water. How awesome is that?

Can you spot the mountains at the other side of the Black Sea?

The end of the world feeling

Oh yeah. Going there off-season (I was in November) gives you empty after apocalypse streets. There were rarely people on the streets and parks were completely empty. Note that it was a sunny 22°C Saturday – so you would expect many people in the center. Only after around 15:00 pm there were some other tourists showing up. So until then: take the opportunity of the empty streets to take some Instagramable photos! Even the hostels were abandoned, so if you are traveling solo in winter, prepare for not much of a social talk during your stay. In summertime however, it turns into a Russian beach holiday destination and it will be more busy. But no matter when you go, tourist season or not; the city is beautiful and worth a visit.

Nightlife in Batumi

Batumi has a very vibrant nightlife, especially in summer. There are many night clubs and bars along the boulevard, where you can party all night. There are even a few on the beach! Drinks are still cheap (even tho bit more expensive compared to the rest of Georgia) and there are many famous DJ performances during the summer break.

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