Why you should visit Baku, Azerbaijan

1 – The mix of the old and new architecture is AMAZING

Oh and when I say amazing, I mean it. Baku is the perfect mix between hyper modern skyscrapers and old medieval buildings. It’s a Dubai meets Paris meets ancient Persia meets Soviet Union kinda city.  Some buildings in the  old town, the Icheri Sheher, even dates back between the 7th and 12th century and are good very percerved. It is now an UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Glazing over the old houses and narrow streets of the old town are the famous Baku Flame Towers. At 140 meters high, Baku Flame Towers are the most iconic part of the Baku skyline. In the huge area surrounding the old town and the shopping areas, the buildings look like you are walking around in Paris or Rome.  Really, one day of walking around Baku makes you feel like you are traveling to different countries and in different periods in time. 

The futuristic Baku Flame Towers are a huge contrast with the Persian Architecture.


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